Ankh pendant with gem stones - Silver

Ankh pendant with gem stones - Silver

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Traditionally, there is an ankh which ten different gemstones are processed. Each stone represents a particular area of ​​human development. Here is a brief summary of these ten gems with their application:

1. No stone is the Red Jasper. The stone of selflessness and maternal protective effect. The earth receives power and transforms it into a higher life energy.

2. The second stone from the bottom, the orange-like Carnelian. It uses the life energy to solidarity with family, relationships, etc. to achieve.

3. The third stone is the diamond in the center of the Ankh. The Diamond is the highest and most perfect expression of pure white universal light. Symbol of truth and love. A good substitute for diamonds is the rock crystal. This reflects the man in search of enlightenment. His example refers to the crystal growth to grow upward toward the light and the pursuit of clarity and purity.

4. To the right of the center is the fourth stone, the Topaz. This affects the higher mind and invigorates the soul. Indicates concentration and creativity.

5. To the left of the center is the fifth stone: Emerald. This green gemstone represents the forces of planet Venus, including love, affection, harmony, peace and agreement. Assists in the development and growth to adulthood.

6. Bottom right in the loop is the sixth stone: the Ruby. This represents the forces of Mars planet: energy, initiative, action. The ruby ​​primal energy converts into vigor, gives boldness and leadership. He is sometimes called the King Stone. Someone, however, of 'kingship' conscious, knows he is the servant of the people.

7. Lower left corner of the loop of the Ankh is the seventh stone, the sapphire. This ensures commitment to a high ideal. Gives happiness and sympathy, dispels melancholy and helps develop the intuition.

8. Right in the middle of the loop the eighth stone: Onyx. Far-sents Saturn Forces and promotes perseverance, humility and deep thoughts. Helps us better to listen, even to our inner voice.

9. Left in the middle of the loop the ninth stone: Turquoise. This sky blue stone bestows devotion and loyalty. Because of its earth-bound, the Turquoise relates to the secular work we do, but viewed from a higher vantage point. Because of its high absorbency him to neutralize negative vibrations. Qualities such as kindness and willpower point to Uranus influences.

10. Up in the loop is the tenth stone Amethyst. This inspires meditation and repentance. This controls the interaction between receiving cosmic energy and life-giving energy. Amethyst cleanses the mind and working on the detachment and letting go of all I-oriented.

Sizes 40 x 23 mm

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