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Ankh of Isis pendant - Gold 585

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Size 27 x 16 mm (incl. suspension eye 34 x 16 mm).

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This two legged Ankh is also known as the Ankh of Healing called. In the Egyptian Ankh time it was used by Pharaoh `s, Egyptian high priests and priestesses. One could by means The Ankh contact with their own spirit guide or the astral world, but eg also heal the sick. The Ankh represents the soul and the soul proper alignment is key to be able to work. It is still used and in two ways. With a loop in hand, he works as a transmitter. What he emits, however many times reinforced returned. This charge he, magnetizes and amplifies the energy. b. With legs in hand, the Ankh energy to themselves. The loop is hereby close to the body of the person into account. In healing phrase retrieves the Ankh excess voltage or energy away. He degaussed. (Usually this is a larger version of the Ankh used). As jewelry it can best be worn on a chain. He will also work as he originally intended, namely to maintain contact with the astral world and beyond with the universe, for man to save too much for materialization and staying connected with the spiritual consciousness.

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