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Dragon pendant - real silver

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Article number: LA091
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The size of the silver Dragon pendant is 25 x 24 mm (including pendant eye 33 x 24 mm).

Look at the bottom of the page for a suitable chain.


More and more people are becoming interested in Dragons. When it is time they will appear in your life, for example if you feel something when you read this and something resonates with you. This means that the Dragon energy can now be activated in you.

Dragons often only appear when you dare to live with an open heart and pure intent. If you dare to admit their pure loving primal force. Their energy can feel spicy or fiery, but is also so loving.

Dragons connect powerfully with mother earth, as it were, anchoring with her. This is very important, because without being properly grounded we will never be able to embody our highest strength. Connection with Angels, alien worlds, Guides and Masters is beautiful, but in fact we do not care much about this if we are not well grounded.

Dragons energies are very powerful and help us to come to the core of unvarnished or blocked energy, to face our shadow sides.
This Dragon energy comes in through the feeling, through your heart. You no longer need to work out blocked emotions or energy, but just face and feel, then it can transform.

Dragons are healers, they purify your system of everything that stands in your way of enlightenment.
That is why this silver Dragon pendant helps you to get in touch with your true self, your inner strength and passion.

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