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Buddha pendants - gold 585


Golden Buddha pendants from our own studio. (All models are also available in silver)

Siddartha Gautama lived about 2,500 years ago in Bihar, India. His name was Prince Siddartha, the family name was Gautama. To protect him for the suffering in the outside world, he lived as a child a secluded and sheltered life. Until he discovered that one reality had kept hidden from him and worldly sorrow struck him so deeply that he decided to go in search of the true meaning of life. He gave up his luxurious life and went off. After many searches and tribulations he finally sat under a bodhi tree and remained there until his enlightenment, and he found the answer to the question of the meaning of life. Life is determined by karma (cause and effect) and the goal is to leave this cycle.

Therefore, the knowledge of the Four Truths is needed.

1 Suffering. (Attachment to earthly existence and have not been delivered from the chain of rebirth)
2 The origin of suffering. (Desire and craving for pleasure and possession)
3. The cessation of suffering. (The destruction of greed and ignorance)
4 The path to cessation of suffering by following "The Noble Eightfold Path". (See Dharma Chakra)
For many years he traveled through India to preach his doctrine before he entered Nirvana (the state of calm emotionless salvation).

Golden Buddha pendants, nice to have one, even nicer to get one!

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