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Pentagram pendants

Purchased silver Pentagram pendants. (Also view our own collection of Pentagram pendants)

Throughout the ages, the pentagram, pentacle, druid foot, or five-pointed star has been the symbol of the born-again man, the new man. If we follow the lines of the pentagram, starting from the top point (1) to the bottom left (2), an uninterrupted movement is created that shows how this developmental path goes. The I (1) descends into matter, being born (2). From this follows growing up in the world (3), through which one can come to consciousness (4). By again consciously dealing with the earthly (5) one will be freed from matter and return to the origin (1).
It is also the symbol of the universe and its eternal coming, in which God's plan is revealed. A symbol for humans as a link between macro and micro cosmos.
It is best known as a magical sign for repelling and protecting against negative forces. With the tip up for white, down for black magic.

The lines of the Pentagram divide in the ratio of the Golden Section. That is why the Pentagram pendants also refer to the forces and forms in nature.

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