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Enneagram pendant - 14 carat gold

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Size 29 x 21 mm

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The Enneagram is preserved by tradition through the Sufis and the Sarmoun brotherhood and brought here by Gurdjieff and Oscar Ichazo. According to a very old theory, there are certain to discover patterns in the way one jumps from a basic attitude to what we sometimes feel like that "other" personalities in ourselves. This theory is based on a characterization of personalities into 9 basic types, but also indicates that there is a pattern in the way we, under the pressure of circumstances to another personality change. On the basis of the number 9, and the geometric figure is referred to as the Eneagram, and the personality types are sometimes referred to as Enneatypes. The Enneagram is even used to carry out analyzes for an organization or marketing to build bridges to new audiences. The Enneagram can be used in many ways. Some see the Enneagram as a particularly profound self-discovery methodology and oppose the superficial use, including in the U.S. is propagated. Bennet saw Gurdjieff and the Enneagram as a key to the cosmos. The main use of the Enneagram is not to others to analyze, but to their own behavior through self-knowledge to interpret. From there you can learn to see how others operate. That they may understand that others may think differently, that principles for oneself persists, so others need not apply. Understanding the Enneagram leads to compassion and understanding for others. The image of the Enneagram is caused by a circle divided into 9 equal parts. Containing a triangle that points 3, 6 and 9 connect (The top point of the isolated triangle 9 as numbering, the first law underlying point is 1). The remaining points connect in the order 142857. The order of 142,857 has remarkable features, it is the fraction 1/7 (0.142857), and multiplied by 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6, the sequence retained.

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