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That's why we so curious about your experience with Edelsmederij Bart Rensen.
Both your criticism and / or compliments are appreciated.
With your experience, we can improve our quality to offer you even better service in the future!

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19-01-2016 17:25

Today we received the gold triskel pendant gift. I was pleasantly surprised how nice he is.
It was also well packaged and very nice that there was a booklet symbols, a polishing cloth and a card with a personal greeting to sit.
Best regards, Anita van Jole.

09-01-2016 17:51

Pleased with the good service! Something was missing in my order and it was resolved immediately. Outside the superb quality of the stuff that's just nice to experience. I remain a loyal customer. Incidentally fine that the 'smaller' purchases the service is just as great as for larger ones.
Luuk Kleiker


24-12-2015 21:34

Good Christmas Eve Bart!
If I am satisfied, may everyone know!
I dedicate my life flower with great pleasure!

For you happy holidays and a healthy and happy New Year!
Greetings, Leen

24-12-2015 21:34

Good afternoon Bart,
Today was the Tree of Life by mail.
For us nice that the gift came before Christmas.
We both find it a beautiful piece of jewelry.
Thank you so much for making such beautiful things.
Merry Christmas and a happy 2016,

Sincerely, Wim

22-12-2015 21:34

Thanks for the very fast delivery.
'm Very happy with the jewelry. The symbol jewelry hand of Fatima is so beautiful in its styling - simplicity - just wonderful. Will be wearing a lot.

18-12-2015 21:34

Dear Bart,
Thank you. The waning Moon pendant is in one word: magical!
'm Very happy.
Joel Brightest Blessings, Edith

16-12-2015 21:34

Today received the Angel / lemniscates hanger. Exemplaartje splendor. The combi gold (gilded) with silver is very nice. Thanks. Also for fast delivery. So once again very pleased with my purchase.
Q. Greetings, Gerdina Kleiker


13-12-2015 18:55

Beautiful detailed pendant of a lotus. Neat and shipped promptly.
A nice present to myself! Very satisfied!

10-12-2015 17:13

Dear Bart Rensen,
we are impressed with the delivered jewelery, beautifully made and well finished, no mass work. We like to come back again!

06-12-2015 15:10

Fantastic service! The ordered pendant with chain received quickly, unfortunately damaged box by post en! Equal with Bart Rensen called for a solution to this problem. The next day I had a new box in the house! Free! Thanks so much for this!

04-12-2015 22:23

We have the hanger with the 'bull' received symbol and it looks great! St was very nice this year. Gr Marleen.

28-11-2015 21:45

Hi Bart, today I received your beautiful tree of life pendant. He is very nice delicately!
I'm going to make a beautiful necklace on. Super Thanks for the quick delivery!
Warm regards, Sandra


24-11-2015 16:57

Dear Bart
The jewels have arrived. The gold pendant is beautiful, I bought a matching gold chain on with ornamental switching voice. The silver feathers are a very sweet piece of jewelry.
Thank you for your beautiful craft work.
Greetings Ineke

11-11-2015 16:57

Dear Bart,
The package has arrived in France. It is now still waiting for my granddaughter 16th birthday. They will undoubtedly like it.
Until next order
Sincerely, Anneke


10-11-2015 16:57

Many thanks Bart for all the beautiful things you make.
Always good and special.
Greetings, Dayane


23-10-2015 19:42

Thank you've been able to obtain this Celtic Knot -pendant still and swift delivery.


20-10-2015 14:15

Thank you for the beautiful pendant Ankh-Hermes. True craftsmanship!


14-10-2015 17:32

Hi Bart,
The lemniscate has arrived in perfect condition and I am very happy. A beautiful ornament.
Vr.gr. Inge


09-10-2015 17:32

Thanks Bart for the beautiful pendant and fast service!
Keep up the good work!


30-09-2015 10:07

I wanted to wear a meaningful pendant again. Had already looked around at various places for an Ohm symbol (Omkar). But they were either too big or did not speak to me.
When I landed on the site of Bart and stood by him homemade hanger. Which immediately appealed to me a beautiful and fine specimen.
 Equal ordered with a matching silver chain. Neatly delivered on time and wear it with pleasure
Thank you Bart. Sincerely, Eric.


25-09-2015 23:19

Hello Bart, recently my wife by her circumstances silver pendant lost with angel wings. On 2 October next year she and I wanted to give her the same hanger. Fortunately I have found this to you. Hope they surprised and happy is next week. Thanks for the lovely copy.

Sincerely, Arjan nipple.


13-09-2015 17:07

Dear Bart,
For my birthday I got my husband a great triquetra pendant on a necklace. I am so happy about this, it's a work of art that I wear every day!
Thank you,
Sincerely, Elly de Groot


31-08-2015 12:03

Dear Bart,
Thank you for the quick and excellent transmission of the yin-yang pendant to my sister in Gouda.
My sister was her yin-yang pendant, which she was very attached to, lost.
Yantra, which we then bought the pendant, pendants sold unfortunately no longer. Fortunately yielded the clearly Bart Rensen-site solution.
The yin-yang pendant was beautifully packaged, includes a card with text, mail delivered to my sister. It was really beyond expectations.
Thank you Bart, also on behalf of my sister!

Sincerely, Alie van der Heide-Steenge


27-08-2015 11:16

Dear Bart,
A noble craftsman par excellence. In terms of products and in terms of repair. You also after sales deserve a compliment. Again as a present wrapped ...
Thanks / Regards, Jaap Booi


22-08-2015 10:11

Last Wednesday, '' my light '' received at home.
And really ... I am so happy.
What a wonderful '' LIGHT '' is this !!!
Thank you Mr. Bart Rensen. What makes you a beautiful / wonderful things !!!
My sincere compliments whatsoever.
I will "" My light '' wear with great pleasure.
Sincerely, Ben Sanders.


18-08-2015 12:03

Best Goldsmith Bart Rensen,
Just received the two Life hangers - and truly beautiful.
What a great work of art!
Also my Man is impressed them.
Order very nicely delivered to your home!
Plus fast - and reliable delivery of products.
So ... big fan of your artwork.
Our sincere compliments hear !!!
Huge fine that "Edelsmeden 'their profession (knowledge) still understood - and implementing managed to bring !!!
Keep it up !!! Bart
Yours sincerely, Ben and Jos Sanders.


07-08-2015 20:25

Dear Bart,
This morning I received my silver pendant with the post. I think it's a beautiful pendant. He was well wrapped and shipped promptly. Thank you very much. I will have certainly a lot of fun.
Chris de Weerd


29-07-2015 13:20

Dear Bart,
This morning received two jewelry.
So neatly packed that I even saw one on the head ...
Everything (packing, cleaning cloth, booklet symbol) and last but not least the jewelry is paid great attention. Finally, your site is very well organized.
Greeting, Jaap B.

11-07-2015 00:29

Dear Mr Rensen,
I stood there at the door .... unfortunately ... away from Breda! What a loss ....
Every day I wear the four rings that you have made over the years with great pleasure; a ring with the initials of my deceased father, my wedding ring and two other fine examples. I regularly get comments on the beautiful design.
A huge thank you for the past few years, always thought along, nothing was a lot and the result was magnificent.
Sincerely, Ellen van den Elshout


20-06-2015 20:11

Dear Bart,
Many thanks for the quick levering.Jullie sell beautiful jewelery. I say definitely continue.
Salute, San


09-06-2015 13:04

Dear Bart,
Recently, my eye fell on a beautiful lotus pendant inside your collection. With care and by appointment I received the purchase. Now the pendant around my neck, he was even nicer than expected. Thank you for the good care and beautiful design.


02-06-2015 15:04

Dear Christine, thanks for the rapid and carefully packaged ankh, a beautiful golden ankh with ten gems; 'get many good response programs''.


22-05-2015 11:09

Dear Bart,
Thanks for the fast delivery. Yesterday and today I ordered the hanger been nice to hang around.
Regards, Ank


22-05-2015 06:56

Dear Bart.
My four elements pendant received, thanks for the quick delivery.
It is a beautiful piece of jewelery I will wear it with pleasure.
until next time.
m.v.g. yvonne


13-05-2015 22:00

Dear Bart,
Sorry for the late response.
Jewellery only given to my wife, who is very happy today.
Thanks for the good service.
We will recommend you to friends and acquaintances.
Best regards, John


11-05-2015 10:29

I wanna let you know That I Am Very Happy with my Beautiful Silver Om Pendant!
It is truly a work of Art! I have had many compliments. I am in contact with many East Indian people who are familiar with the symbol and theyhave All Said it is Very Beautiful.
Thank you so much!
Respectfully, Jacqueline Whitmore. USA

Received on May 2, 2015

Hello Bart Rensen,

We have Choku Rei hanger nicely received time for my birthday.
I'm happy with it, he's really nice.

Sincerely, Maartje

Retrieved on May 1, 2015

Dear Bart,

I have now received the white gold pendant AUM. He looks very nice.
Sincerely for your service and dispatch.

Sincerely, Jan

Received on April 24th, 2015

Dear Mr Rensen,

I have received the Man-Woman pendant in good order and it has exceeded my expectations, so beautiful and sophisticated.
It is a gift for my husband to give him a helping hand for his exam next week.
He thought it was a very unexpected but wonderful gift.

My heartfelt thanks, greetings Astrid

Retrieved on April 18, 2015


I'm very happy it's beautiful arrived on time and well packed securely it is definitely recommended.

Mvg. Schippers


Retrieved on March 17, 2015

The package is inside.
I find very beautiful pendants.

Thank you and goodbye, Ria.

Retrieved on March 13, 2015

Order has arrived, thanks for the fast delivery.
Beautiful ornament!

Sincerely Marleen.

Retrieved on March 13, 2015

Thank you for the care communication of the Tree of Life pendant.
I love it.

Retrieved on March 10, 2015

Thanks for the beautiful pendant, ordered yesterday and today in, great.

Greetings Helma.

Retrieved on March 10, 2015


Thanks for the quick shipping!
What a beautiful piece of jewelry !!
I'll give it to someone after me very capable, she will be happy.
Until next order,

With regards,

Retrieved on February 24, 2015

Bye Now,
Today I, in good order, ordered by you 4 elements receive hanger.
What a fast service, and what a beautiful piece of jewelry. I am very happy with it.
HE is truly magnificent.
Thanks for the booklet supplied with a list of your jewelry and
especially also with the explanation upon.
It certainly will not be the last piece of jewelry that I ordered from you.

Retrieved on February 12, 2015

Hello sir Rensen,

The order arrived quickly and it looks very nice! I am very happy with it.

Kinds regards,

Received on February 6, 2015

Friendly service, beautiful pendant, shipped quickly, so on ....

Mvrgr Vanessa

Retrieved on January 31, 2015

Dear Bart,

I wanted to let you know that the pendant is a great success.
My daughter is very happy with it.
The material is beautiful and the engraving of the pendant is very beautiful.
I am also, as stated in my previous mail,
very satisfied with the prompt and friendly service. Overall, a very nice experience.
I had been looking for a while for a nice nameplate for her and this was the perfect match.
Thanks You.

With regards,

Retrieved on January 30, 2015

Thank you for the quick and neat shipping Ohm pendant.
It looks beautiful!


Retrieved on January 26, 2015

Dear Bart Rensen,

My son was very happy with his 'ring'.
He recognized him right now and wear it day and night on a chain.

The delivery was fast and the ring was pretty packed.
Thank you for this.

With regards,

Retrieved on January 24, 2015

Thank you, it looks beautiful.

Regards Eric

Retrieved on January 23, 2015

Dear Bart,

My husband Edwin find the jewel magnificent. He is very happy with it. Bedankt.Super!

Sincerely, Geri

Retrieved on January 15, 2015

Dear Bart,
a packet has arrived, I am very satisfied
Thank you for quick response
Greetings Linda

Retrieved on January 13, 2015

Dear Bart,

The pendant life looks very nice, with a beautiful crystal gift.
Just perfect.

Thank you, Anne

Received on January 9, 2015

Dear Lord Rensen,
Am happy and satisfied.
Ordered in the afternoon, the next afternoon already on the bus.
Thanks for the fast, smooth, accurate delivery, for clear information,
for the beautiful, clear website.
Thanks for the service, felt very old fashioned (it can know!)
the proverbial king / customer.
The jewels are what they promise to be very beautiful, very fine,
the charm bracelet with pendant klavertje4, lotus pendant earmarks
for granddaughters, who will be very happy.
Thank you and kind regards.
H. Devid

Received on January 7, 2015


I have today - Wednesday - received my order. Carefully packaged.
Really nice work! Congratulations and thanks for that. I had a golden Aesculapius, for 15 years,
but had recently lost and not found him,
also not in the regular jewelry stores in Belgium.
I was very attached to. Your work is very similar to what I had before,
I am so very happy with it.
Normally I rarely order over the internet, but this way it's worth repeating.
Thank you again, my best wishes for 2015 and much appreciation and
satisfaction in your work!

Marleen, Belgium

Retrieved on December 26, 2014

Dear Bart,

I am very pleased with my necklace!
Both pendant and necklace are very beautiful.
Especially the pendant is even better (finer) than I expected.
The service was fine: neatly packaged and quickly delivered.
Thank you!

Sincerely, Greet

Retrieved on December 24, 2014

Dear Bart Rensen,

What a fantastic quick service, thank you! The pendant is beautiful!
Fine also that silver cloth and booklet with many other beautiful things.
One I have already bought from you,
Until next time happy, happy holidays and a good 2015!

Kinds regards,

Retrieved on December 24, 2014

Flower of Life on time at home.


Happy days, Chahat

Retrieved on December 19, 2014

Dear Mr. Bart Rensen,

This afternoon received the Flower of Life bolhanger in good order.
Equal buckled, clever mathematical pattern. Thanks for your prompt redress and extra effort.
Had long doubted the amber pendant, but am glad that I have by now put:
both the piece of amber, as the silver setting are beautiful.
It seems clotting gold, captured at a moment in time. Beautiful piece of jewelry!

Wish you Blessed Christmas and all the best for 2015!


Retrieved on December 16, 2014

Dear Bart Rensen,

The medallion with engraving is by my wife received.
The text is indicated by herself and therefore for its legible.
She is happy with her gift.
I wanted to just mail.
Thanks for the good care.


Received on December 4, 2014

Very Fast handling of the order of the nice purchase

Gr. Annemieke

Received on December 1, 2014

Day Bart Rensen,

The order is Saturday arrived safely. Fatima hand / pendant looks beautiful.
Friday the Saint will give it to my daughter.

Sincerely, Kija

Received on November 29, 2014

My compliments to Bart Rensen for its excellent craftsmanship.
My mother and my brother are very happy with the gifts that I bought from you.

Mvg. Vidur

Received on November 21, 2014

Hi Bart,

I received them and love them, thank you !!!
This weekend will make the rest of the invoice amount and am very curious
how will react to this gift.

Greetings Hilde

Received on November 21, 2014

Dear Bart Rensen,
Sun Pendant yesterday came in through the mail.
Sun Pendant very good looks, details are very visible and well finished.
mvg Eddy

Received on 10 October 2014

Hello Mr Rensen,

Today this order already received and what a beautiful piece of jewelry, this Tibetan knot!
Much nicer than in the picture! Am very happy with it and what a service!
I will certainly keep your site regularly!



Received on 8 October 2014


Thanks for the wonderful medallions! The text "Always under the Same Sky" is beautiful on!
My boyfriend is in the army and in this way we are a bit together!

M.v.g. Charissa, Belgium.

Retrieved on September 27, 2014

Dear Bart,
I have received the pendant + chain on time.
Thanks a lot for the very fast and correct handling!
Tomorrow I can make my husband happy.
Sincerely, Lia
PS Very nice that there is a gift box with sitting.

Retrieved on September 19, 2014

Hi Bart,

I am hesitant to order online, but they are good and fast
As well as stunning! Thank you.

Greetings, Ingrid

Retrieved on September 16, 2014

Dear Sir Rensen,

I received my order today in good order and am very pleased with my purchase.
Thanks for the fast delivery.

Sincerely, Mrs. Haarsma

Retrieved on September 6, 2014

I ordered one of your beautiful pendants on 30/8 and I received it today allready (09/05).
I have to say that i love the pendant and I searched quite some time for this piece of jewelry,
in fact I think I needed months to find you and your online shop.
In Conclusion, I really like my new pendant and how fast I got it.
This was not my last order.
Greetings Nora, USA

Received on September 2, 2014

Good evening,

We have received the order, it is very beautiful.

Thanks, Saskia

Retrieved on August 24, 2014

perhaps a bit late but I want you to know that we still like
the celtic chain neatly received in time.
A very nice gift.
Thank you, Jan, Belgium

Retrieved on August 12, 2014

Good day, Dear
Very thanks for arti kellen so beautiful!
I wish you all the best and much success in the future!

With friendly greetings
Marina, Belgium

Retrieved on August 12, 2014

Awesome !!!! Thank you for your great service !!!
You've helped me a lot and made me very happy.
Thanks again


Retrieved on August 10, 2014

Dear Bart,

Thanks for your mission of our two hangers.
Very nice, and very personally by your ticket there.

Happy holiday
And greetings from Jeanet

Received on August 6, 2014

Good morning, Bart,

Pendant has arrived, quite moo!

Thank you, Angela

Retrieved on August 1, 2014

Bart day,

I just had my beautiful flower of life pendant ingested.
He is beautiful! I saw him once fastened.
I also liked your Facebook page so more people can discover your beautiful jewelry.
I like it!

Sincerely, Inez

Retrieved on July 24, 2014

Dear Bart,

A huge thank you for the delivery (and within the required timeline).
It is received in good order, and is greatly appreciated and very nice find!
Thank you again. Really great!

Sincerely, Arnold

Retrieved on July 18, 2014

Dear Mr Rensen,
Your Celtic knots and chains have arrived.
Very nice work, with care and delivered quickly,
You will remain in my memory.
With many thanks and kind regards,

Retrieved on July 18, 2014

Dear Bart Rensen,
The order has arrived.
Thanks You.
What a beautiful pendant!
Best regards, Mia

Retrieved on July 15, 2014

Hi Bart,

Thanks for the quick delivery of the beautiful pendant!

With regards,

Retrieved on July 8, 2014

Dear Bart,

Today I have received within the two hangers, the tree of life and the lotus,
and I'm really really happy with it!
Thanks for the quick service and the beautiful pendants. They are even more beautiful than the pictures!
I will definitely keep an eye on your offers and warmly recommend!

Sincerely, Monique

Received on July 4, 2014

Dear Bart,
the hanger just came and he is beautiful! we are very happy!
a cordial greeting Marius

Retrieved on July 2, 2014

Dear Bart,

I have the order of the 'trust pendant' received in good order, thank you.

Sincerely, Jan Erik

Retrieved on June 25, 2014

Hi Bart,

Did yesterday the chain and pendant got inside, very beautiful. Thanks You!

Sincerely, Sjef.

Retrieved on June 25, 2014

Dear Bart,

The mail piece is fine arrived! Thanks for the great service and beautiful jewelry!
I am very happy with it ...

Warm regards, Erwin

Retrieved on June 24, 2014

Dear Bart,
The order I received today, the pendant looks nice.
I think the receiver (gift) is happy with it.
Thank you, Manon

Retrieved on June 22, 2014

Dear Mr Rensen,

Many thanks for the fast and good service! The shell has arrived in good order.
The recipient of the gift was very touched and loved it. Thanks You!

Sincerely, Erika

Retrieved on June 11, 2014

Dear Bart,

I received my order today and I am happy with it. Beautiful pendant.
Good and fast service.

With regards, Miriam

Received on June 3, 2014

Dear Bart,

Thank you for the quick delivery. The jewelry is beautiful! Nicely finished.
Because I was not sure if the angel meant for a girlfriend,
in real life would not be too kitschy I ordered an alternative with.
But the angel is pretty sleek.
This is for her and the alternative is a nice present to myself!
I am also very pleased with the booklet with the symbol jewelry.
I suspect that I often end up with you ....

Sincerely, Marielle

Received on June 1, 2014

Hi Bart,

Sorry for the late response, but everything is to your liking.

Thanks and best regards, Rogier

Retrieved on May 15, 2014

Beautifully t! Now hangs on one of my bracelets!

Best regards, Caren

Retrieved on May 11, 2014

Thank you for the quick and neat supply chain with pendant.
My daughter is very happy with it.

Sincerely, Hennie

Received on May 6, 2014

Dear Mr Bart Rensen,

This morning received your shipment in good order. Am very pleased with the beautiful pendants.
Three times thanks: for fast & accurate transmission,
for the lovely book and extra cloth and the resulting discount.
Perhaps to once again.

Greeting with satisfaction, Pim

Received on May 6, 2014

Dear Bart Rensen,

Thanks for the dispatch of my Life Pendant!
I'm received in good condition and I am very happy today!
I have shared the link with the pendant on my Facebook and had many positive reactions.
It's a really beautiful pendant.

Sincerely, Diane

Received on May 3, 2014

Dear Mr Rensen,

Today, 1minute ago scarab pendant is delivered in good order.
I find it very beautiful and I am very happy with it. Thank U.
With warm regards, A. L.

Retrieved on April 29, 2014

Thanks for the clear and smooth handling of my order.

Fri El Cor

Retrieved on April 11, 2014

The Lemniscaat well received, very beautiful, thank you!

With friendly greetings, Siska

Retrieved on May 30, 2014

Bart day,

The order is sent Friday and Saturday was nicely in my mailbox.
Thanks for the follow-up calls because of the somewhat odd number,
but as you notice it's all worked out.
This was the third time I've ordered something from you,
and every time I am again pleased with the website (works fine on Apple iDevices)
good information about the products, the ordering process and the smooth handling.
And that the pendant all neatly on the chain is in the show box,
that's that little extra attention to what happens as pleasant as you open the mission:-)

Sincerely, Ruud.

Retrieved on March 27, 2014

Thank U! Fine and very fast delivery!
Until next time

Sincerely, Ineke

Retrieved on March 22, 2014

We are very happy with the family tree hangers.

Retrieved on March 21, 2014

Dear Bart,
Today I received the package in good condition and am very happy with it!
Best thanks for the smooth operation and settlement thereof.
Sincerely and fine WE desired, Anne, Belgium

Retrieved on March 13, 2014


On Monday, 3/10, I placed an order below you and payable immediately.
Today 13/03 already stuck it in my mailbox.
Surprisingly fast and moreover it is the real gem in much nicer than in the picture!
The silver polishing cloth with it I find a great initiative.
 Therefore, with these few words:
thanks a lot and this is definitely not my last and only order.
Kinds regards.
Regina from Belgium

Retrieved on February 27, 2014

Hi Bart,
Thank you for the prompt delivery of the gull, it's beautiful and I am very happy.
For me in my life the gull is also a symbol, I would like to share with you this,
I finally experienced a lot in my life,
and I have grown it to the man I am today and should be.
The death of my husband John, who I was when I was 28 years old and really did not understand, now,
when I look back, had given meaning in the sense of understanding of myself and my life.
Things happen as they should be done, and so I am now able to see everything in love,
and with my past life experience there for anyone that I may have what may mean.
The seagull to me is really the symbol of freedom, and therefore I am very grateful that
I have come across your site, and this golden gull may wear.
Love where this jewel it is made palpable to me.
And I will also wear this jewelry with love and respect.
 Good luck with the wonderful work that you do,

Sincerely, Bep

Retrieved on February 27, 2014

To give the silver pendant with the hands (releasing and receiving)
has just come in, so everything went well.
Thanks for the lovely card with it.
Now it coincidence that the one who ordered never been a spiritual type,
but shortly after ordering the pendant a meditation period of 10 days (Vipassana) is entered.
And already has experienced fine results with the 'preparatory' meditate recent weeks.
The pendant and give your card as a beautiful meeting again of the arts who can give life.

M Fri gr Sarah

Retrieved on February 21, 2014

Hello Mr. Rensen,

I received the Zia Pendant today ... It's ... PERFECT!
Thank you so much and Blessings to you and yours ~

Sincerely and respectfully,

Don Hamlin, USA

Retrieved on February 12, 2014

Dear Bart Rensen,
Did not receive t pendant in good order. It fully meets my expectation!

Thanks and mvrgr, Godelieve

Retrieved on February 11, 2014

Dear sir Rensen,

I've just ordered the silver pendant with crystal ball received.
He is beautiful, more beautiful than the pictures on your site.
I will wear it often and with pleasure.

Sincerely, Christine

Received on February 6, 2014

Dear Bart and employees,
When I came home from work this afternoon was the pendant with chain in the mailbox.
He is beautiful!
I am very greedy of you separate collection so I'm saving hard for a future purchase.
Sincerely, Marjoram

Received on February 6, 2014

Dear Bart Rensen.

We have our order today neatly received
well before the anniversary of my pregnant daughter.
I'm sure they will be very very happy.

Thanks so much for the smooth handling.

Sincerely, Paula.

Retrieved on January 31, 2014

Dear Bart,

I received the pendant, could not hang right on my chain, eyelet too small.
Local jeweler Ed Ydo, has made custom tidy.
Nice pendant, is also very nice and I have some with Taiwan, we have been there.
People, life, their symbols, etc., or speak to me.
Thanks again.

Greetings, Klasien

Retrieved on January 31, 2014

Today parcel received, ordered yesterday, what a quick service.
So I'm more like happy and will certainly come back again to your site.


Retrieved on January 22, 2014

Hello, the pentacle pendant without a ring around it is really beautiful !!!
Even nicer than in the picture and is just made perfect.
Yes I am very happy with it, after a long search .........
In this thank you for this beautiful work of art!
Sincerely, Tia

Retrieved on January 17, 2014

Dear Mr Rensen,
Half an hour ago the post your parcel concerned with content.
Once I bought my wife a tumi in Lima but who is a burglary unfortunately disappeared.
She is now very happy with this replacement and thank you for
pleasant way EEE regulated and addressed.

Sincerely, Jan

Retrieved on January 17, 2014

Hello sir Rensen,

The angel pendant has arrived and it is beautiful beyond expectations!
I have ordered this in memory of my mother, and I will wear the pendant with warmth in my heart!

Sincerely, Barbara

Retrieved on January 15, 2014

Hi, last week I received the item that i ordered.
Excellent counterpart, exactly what i wanted :).

thanks, Jose, Portugal

Retrieved on January 10, 2014

Beautiful work!
The lemniscate is fortunately not just segments that made two circles, you know what I mean right?
I am very happy with it ... this was the symbol of my daughter and me together (without float)
The infinity of our being together.
However, my daughter died two years ago at age 44jarige, which will always be hurt.
Now I wear our symbol on my body, I hope to get the feeling that she is more to me (who knows?)

Thank you Bart..groeten and maybe goodbye. Mr. J.

Received on January 8, 2014

Good Evening,
I have received the pendant today.
Am really happy with it!
It's absolutely what I had expected!
M.vr.groet Angelique

Retrieved on December 28, 2013

Dear Bart,

-1- The pendant has arrived.
-2- I find him attractive,
-3- More importantly, my wife find the pendant beautifully!

Thank you.

Kind Regards, Jan Peter

Retrieved on December 25, 2013

Thank you for the super fast delivery!
Both very happy with our pendant! And for Christmas! Thanks You!


Retrieved on December 18, 2013

Item arrived today.
Exactly what I was looking for, lovely item and great service.

Many thanks, Alan, United Kingdom

Retrieved on December 18, 2013

Hi Bart,
Here my thanks for the fast delivery and the pendant is very nice, I hope
my friend also find but actually I do not doubt it.
Greetings Patricia

Retrieved on December 14, 2013

Dear Bart Rensen,
Thank you very much for the beautiful jewelry.
They are valuable to me by the sense that I can give them.
I wear them with pleasure. It's nice to feel that they have a positive effect.
They are clearly made with love and craftsmanship!
Sincerely, Ineke

Received on December 1, 2013

Day Bart Rensen,

Thanks for the fast delivery.
The Sufi jewelry looks beautiful!
It's a birthday gift and will certainly hit the spot!

Sincerely, Ankie

Received on December 1, 2013

Am very happy with my triquetra.
Thanks for the quick delivery and the accompanying booklet.
I can recommend this site to anyone.
Best regards, Ralph

Received on November 26, 2013

Dear Bart,

I just received in good order the hanger what I received yesterday!
Am completely happy :) Thank you very much for the quick delivery and good service.
The handwritten greeting I like very much.
Indicates, however, that you wear personal care for each package. Super in one word.

Thanks again and best regards, Ruurd

Received on November 16, 2013

Thank you so much. The caduceus is a beautiful piece of art and craftsmanship.
It arrived in a shorter time than I expected. Very satisfied!

Stan, United States

Received on November 7, 2013

Hi Bart,

Thanks for the order, I am very happy with it, the Tree of Life is beautifully portrayed.

Greeting, Emmy

Retrieved on October 26, 2013

Hi Bart,
Yesterday I received my beautiful pentagram and symbols booklet.
I am very happy with it, even with the fast delivery.
I immediately carried him yesterday.

Sincerely, Tonnie

Retrieved on October 19, 2013

En ..
I got 'em received today and find the prachtig..dank you very much .. :)

Best regards, Hira

Retrieved on October 18, 2013

Hi Bart,
This week I was in Breda pick the beautiful memorial jewelry.
An angel pendant from your collection is beautifully transformed into a memorial jewelry.
It feels very good to wear it.
Now I have the energy of my mother always close to my heart.
The craftsmanship and the love for your profession its rays.
My compliments for the great service!

Sincerely, Cissy

Retrieved on October 18, 2013

Dear Bart,

Thank you so much for changing the prayer wheel pendant memorial.
Thanks for the good and fast service.
I am very happy with it ...

Regards, Marc

Retrieved on October 8, 2013

Dear Bart!

Recently I found my order in the mail to. What a quick and neat service!
Very nice also that there was a beautiful card of an ornament of a lotus flower attached.
The pendant and chain were neatly packed in a gift box.
I'm so glad I did this piece of jewelry, which is for my sister this week her
bul humanistics gets awarded, I ordered from you!
I've been very happy with it, so they certainly with such a beautiful gift.
I will liken your Facebook page and it will definitely not stay at this one order!
See you!

Greetings, Miranda

Received on October 5, 2013

Thank you!

My Wife ordered the Caduceus pendant - gold with a chain as a birthday present for me.
It arrived this morning and I am very impressed with the craftsmanship on it.
The quality is excellent.

Ian, United Kingdom

Received on October 2, 2013

Bart day,
My order arrived today and I am extremely satisfied with my purchase.
My compliments to the creator of this beauty
and a thank you for the quick delivery!

mvg, Greet, Belgium

Received on October 2, 2013

Dear Bart,

I've just received my golden pentagram.
He is one word to describe as "PERFECT", here I was looking for so long.
Small and delicate, to the outside world not striking,
but with warmth and love and affection worn and cherished by me.
A big thank you from my heart!
Sincerely, Petra, Belgium

Retrieved on August 22, 2013

Thanks for the fast delivery of my pendant, am very happy with it.

Fri gr French

Retrieved on August 13, 2013

Dear Bart,

Thanks for the quick service. The packet has arrived and
perfectly packaged for the mailbox. Beautiful!

Sincerely, Joke

Retrieved on August 13, 2013

Super service!

This site is really very recommendable.
The Ankh pendant that I was best there the next day and you can see that it's real craftsmanship!
There was even a handwritten note with "Greetings Bart" when,
where do you get such a thing against words.
Really great!


Received on August 8, 2013

Dear Sir Rensen,

Angel arrived in! And he / she is gorgeous !!
I give the angel on my wife with her 65th birthday.

Sincerely, Leo

Retrieved on July 17, 2013

Thanks for the super fast delivery.
I'm glad I can contribute Jonathan again after the previous one was "hatched".
(Sounds better than to say that I lost him;-))


Retrieved on July 12, 2013

Hello sir Rensen,

Today I received the pendant and I am very happy. He is beautiful.

Sincerely, Nicolette

Retrieved on July 11, 2013

Mr. Bart Rensen,
this morning's post my order arrived.
Thanks for the quick service.
I am very pleased.
Greetings Gaston, Belgium

Retrieved on June 20, 2013

Dear Bart,

I am very happy with the Sufi-hanger.
Beautiful things have indeed stand in the brochure.
I will keep him well for when I find something again.

Sincerely, Alder

Retrieved on June 17, 2013

Dear Bart,

Super! Thank you for your prompt service!

Sincerely, Arno

Retrieved on June 14, 2013

Good Evening,
Yesterday I received my order and it is really very fast.
I am very happy with the daisy; it still looked better than I had imagined.
I have even had interest today from someone in the bus who asked me to the hanger.
Very nice. I have given her your name.
Thank you very much for quick response.
Sincerely, Monica

Retrieved on June 12, 2013

Hi Bart,

Yesterday afternoon received the packet and the pendant was particularly popular.
So thanks again for the quick shipment.
Mvg / Geert

Received on June 4, 2013

Bart day,

I am already on your package! Because I can not applaud Facebook,
I suggest you put the following on your website:
Refined and original timber, huge choice in unusual designs
and neatly packed and shipped: absolute must.

Sincerely, Ella

Received on June 2, 2013

Hi Bart,

I received the order neatly neatly.
And again, very happy. Thanks You.


Retrieved on May 29, 2013

Dear Goldsmith,

I ordered the pendant is delivered in good order and on time.
We are very happy with it: it's nicely designed, made and finished.
Thank you so before!

Sincerely, Annemiek

Retrieved on May 28, 2013

Dear Bart,

Thank you very much for the quick and neat delivery of the pendant lotus,
I ordered last Sunday.
I am very happy with it.

Sincerely, José

Retrieved on May 24, 2013

Dear Bart,

Jewellery I received in good order. Am very happy.


Received on May 5, 2013

Good Morning,
I have already received the pendant Thursday.
Thanks for the fast delivery and most of all the beautiful pendant.

Warmest regards, Jolanda

Retrieved on April 28, 2013

Dear Bart,

We had to thank you on behalf of the customer Belgse ... the star is a delightful piece of art.
Thanks for the goldsmith me ... a copy of his words here.
They were very content about the glory, I sent pictures and
go now as soon as possible to send to them.

Sincerely, Marlies

Retrieved on April 25, 2013

Even as a thank you for the good! and fast! service.
I'm definitely happy with my chain and dharma wheel pendant.
And thanks for the book there!

M gr Fri, Gerda

Retrieved on April 24, 2013

Dear Bart,

Today, the pendant has arrived and it is beautiful,
I'm sure they will find the lovely pendant in Belgium,
and in the future I know where I need to be there again when a call comes in my path.
Thank you!

Sincerely, Marlies, Belgium

Retrieved on April 24, 2013

Thanks for the care shipping!
I've received the earrings, they are exquisitely beautiful:-)

Greetings from Mireille.

Retrieved on April 23, 2013

Today I received the ordered counterparts. They are very nice! Good and fast service. Thanks You!
Until next time.
Vr. Gr. Chris

Retrieved on April 23, 2013

Hi Bart,
Thanks for the fast shipping!
Well packaged and a beautiful, sophisticated quality of the pendant and chain.
I also find the detailed descriptions on your site very fun to read.
If I'm even looking I'll definitely be back.

Thanks You! Jackelien

Retrieved on April 14, 2013

Dear Bart,
I would let you know how the bracelet was received.
Deeply impressed. So thanks again.
Sincerely, Peter

Retrieved on April 8, 2013

Hi Bart,
Thank you!
And thanks again for our wedding rings.
We are over the moon!

Greetings Nancy

Retrieved on April 6, 2013

Through a friend, I was alerted to this site.
What many very beautiful and original jewelry!
Jewelry that may be called rightfully so!

My congratulations and good luck !! Linda

Received on April 5, 2013

Dear Bart,

Received pendant in good order.
I'm glad I traded him to the Chakra pendant with stone. He is beautiful!

Sincerely, Marianne

Retrieved on March 28, 2013

Dear Sir,

The order was received yesterday!
Hats packaged and on time this morning so I could surprise my husband with two hangers.
The pendants are other beautiful!
I have the scoop "husband / wife" hang on a silver chain - beautiful!
In other words, nothing but compliments - about the service, price and quality!

Best regards, Willemien

Retrieved on March 23, 2013

Dear Sir,

The Gordian Knot receive neat. Looks neat, beautiful piece of craftsmanship.

Regards, Peter

Retrieved on March 22, 2013

Good Morning,

The Golden Flower of Life pendant has arrived.
Very nice.

Thanks You. Greetings, Willy

Retrieved on March 18, 2013

Dear Bart Rensen,

The medallion has arrived. Im happy with it. Very good qualitiy.

Thank you.

Best Regards, Nadine Rohm, Deutschland

Retrieved on March 16, 2013

Thank you very much!
my necklace is gorgeous! much beautiful in real then in the website picture,
you are an artists in shaping silver!


fast shipping and everything was perfect!
I hope I was a good customer!
last thing, You Realize charms whatever form is REQUEST?

thanks again, I hope to come to visit your store live one day!

Silvia, Italy

Retrieved on February 27, 2013

Order has arrived and I am very happy with it!

Got such a turtle on my 16th and hit it about 8 years ago lost ..

It is exactly as if I had one:-) am so totally happy!


Retrieved on February 15, 2013

Dear Bart,

Today I received the Flower of Life by a very dear friend,
who has a different perspective than I at this time.

What a beautiful piece of jewelry. So I'm going to look at your site and see beautiful jewelry,
I also possible in the future orders going to do.

Warm greeting from Sonja

Retrieved on January 24, 2013

Hi Bart,

This week the pendant received. Thanks for the wonderful work!
He has the perfect size and is very nicely finished.

Until the next!

Yours truly, Julie, Belgium

Retrieved on January 21, 2013

Dear Bart,

Thank you for quick service and a beautiful pendant.
My niece was very happy with it and it was beautifully delivered on time!

With regards,

Jana Rousakov

Retrieved on January 14, 2013

Bart day,

Pendant has arrived though and it is very beautiful! thank you very much!

There was also a coin in bank charges for correction but you had to really have not done enough,
thanks again!

Yves, Belgium

Retrieved on January 14, 2013


I recieved the pendant with chain. Thank you very much!

Erno Hynynen, Finland

Received on January 9, 2013

Hi Bart,

Thank you for the prompt delivery of the I-Ching beautiful pendant.
It is very nice and I will wear it with a lot of meaning,
Now I keep busy with the teachings of the I Ching book.

You are a special jeweler that you make such meaningful jewelry for men.

Regards, Alexandra

Received on January 4, 2013

Dear Sir Rensen,

Thanks so much for the wonderful "Flower of Life" pendant.
I got it all in today and got it done right away.
What a beautiful pendant and it feels very good to wear this!

Thanks for the good service.

Sincerely, Ineke

Retrieved on December 28, 2012

Dear Bart,

Pendant received today, looks very good!

Thanks for the fast delivery. Regards, René.

Retrieved on December 28, 2012

Dear Bart,

After searching for years for a silver pendant of a seagull, I arrived at Bart.
A seagull for me has a very special meaning, a very bad time in my childhood,
offered the sea and seagulls me comfort.
The book "Jonathan Livingston Seagull", as it were, become my "bible".
Bart had the silver pendant! Like it was made just for me.

I ordered him right without question. A necklace that I will not soon taken off!


Very promptly.

A handwritten greeting, Bart upon.

Very neat and well groomed.

Thank you Bart!

Greetings, Lisette

Retrieved on December 22, 2012

Today my golden pentagram pendant received, neatly packaged and pendant looks very nice.
I am very happy with it.

A must to do an order with Bart Rensen.

Regards, Antonio

Retrieved on December 19, 2012

Hello Bart Rensen,

Thanks for the nice and fast delivery. Even a card there with a desire for happy holidays.
In this I wish also you happy holidays and a happy and healthy 2013.

Greetings, Ineke

Retrieved on December 14, 2012

Dear Bart,

Many thanks for your excellent workmanship and skill in making Such beautiful symbolic jewelery.
Your skills and artistry is very much appreciated by Those of us without Such skills.

Just wanted to say "thank you very much."

Steven Crompton, England

Retrieved on December 14, 2012

Dear Bart,

The parcel has arrived in good condition, thank you very much for the good care.
This ankhen are absolutely beautiful and exactly what I was looking for. Again thank you very much.

With regards,

Johanna de Graaf (New Zealand)

Received on November 20, 2012

Like all the next day, two silver pendants, the Merkaba and Venus.
Beautiful symbolism and nicely executed, especially the merkaba is nicely balanced, what you do not see much,
often they are not made beautiful.

thank you for the great service! Pauline

Received on November 16, 2012

Dear Bart,

Today received the Golden Flower of Life earrings. What are they beautiful.
Both the earrings and the Yin-Yang bracelet are simply gorgeous.

Thank you. Kitty Greetings

Received on November 15, 2012

Beautiful Ohm pendant in real life even more beautiful than the picture!
Had ordered them as a gift for someone else, even today as a gift bought for myself.
Soooo mooooiiii !!!!

Received on November 14, 2012

Thanks for the fast shipment. Totem Pole-pendant with necklace looks nice and takes care of.

thanks again. Ben.

Received on November 12, 2012

Hi Bart,

Thanks for the super fast delivery of my order.
I am very happy with it!

Sincerely, Betty

Retrieved on November 9, 2012

This morning I received the necklace in the mail that I had ordered.
I find them really as beautiful as on the website so I want to thank you for the honesty
to really send the packet and for your punctuality and speed.

Greetings Ingrid

Received on November 7, 2012

Dear Bart,

Thank you for your quick and good service and clear communication.
I have the product (pendant with life) received quickly and it looks nice,
subtle and well finished off.
I'm happy with it and it's delicious as it goes so well and fast with something
that you ordered from a jeweler over the internet!

Ingrid, Amsterdam

Received on October 9, 2012

I would like to thank you for the quick delivery of the pendant.
It looks very very nice and I am very happy with it.

m.vr.groeten Vera

Received on October 5, 2012

Thanks so much for the beautiful pendant.

The year was very happy with it,

G. Wagemans

Retrieved on September 27, 2012

Dear Bart,

Today the package got inside, everything all good, very beautiful!
And finer control for Julia's also pretty appropriate.
I've found back the overpayment 5 euros. Thank you, very attentive.
On October 9, we give it to the kids. They will definitely be pleased!

Greetings, Els

Retrieved on September 27, 2012

I had a necklace + pendant ordered last Monday and Tuesday all in the house !!!
What service and the chain and pendant is beautiful.
I'm glad I went for the slightly more expensive chain. Beautiful silver fits well together.
Thank you very much for the fast and good service !!!

Until next order, Suzanne

Retrieved on September 26, 2012

Thanks very much for the quick sending of my mermaid pendant!
Neatly packed and quite come over. In the box there can I do present it with pleasure.

Greetings christa

Retrieved on September 18, 2012

Hey There,

This afternoon received my order I ordered yesterday.
Thanks for the fast delivery! I find it very beautiful piece of jewelry!

Thanks again, Peter

Retrieved on September 14, 2012

Hi Bart,

Thanks again for the good service and fast delivery! I'm very pleased with my beautiful pendant :)
This time I rounded the Yin and Yang pendant with your purchase and it is very beautiful.
At first glance you do not see that it is a Yin and Yang symbol set, only when you look at an angle against.
And that is precisely what is special about this pendant!

Greetings Claudia.

Retrieved on September 11, 2012

Thanks for the gold AUM mantra pendant.
I was happy when you go for the gold version:
in the Netherlands mainly for sale only in silver. Pendant comes after one day.

Greetings Marianne

Retrieved on September 11, 2012

Still thanks for the rapid dispatch of the order.
It is a beautiful pendant! Excellent service!

Sincerely, Annemieke

Retrieved on September 6, 2012

Bart day,

Thanks for the fast shipping. Beautiful jewelry, am very happy with it!
Cute catalog, go look at my gemakje and who knows ....

Sincerely, Anna

Received on September 5, 2012

Dear Bart,

Yesterday I received the order in good condition and it is
p r a c t i g h !!!!!!!
Thanks very much for the help, responding, prudential and beautiful jewelry !!
We'll keep an eye on you.

Warmest Regards and thanks again. Caroline

Retrieved on September 4, 2012

Hai bart,

The pendant is within hoor.Ik got um equal to. ZOOOoooooOOOOoooo Nice. Thank you

Warm greetings jose

Retrieved on August 25, 2012

Dear Fa. Bart Rensen,

I ordered the trailer is quickly delivered by you and the product
my idea completely surpassed.
As a result, I am very satisfied with the service you are finished and the delivered product.

Sincerely, Bob

Retrieved on August 11, 2012

Dear Bart,

I received the beautiful golden hanker Ankh and he is exactly right size. Very nice.
The service is excellent and personal.

Thank you, Sincerely, Jan

Retrieved on August 10, 2012

Dear Bart,

Just through the letterbox the caduceus / caduceus, perfect.
In addition, a handwritten greeting from you, very nice! It's the little things that count.
Bart, thank you for your care and attention.

Greetings and nice day today! Marieke

Received on August 8, 2012

Today I went in the store Bart Rensen, after I had first studied his website.
What makes a beautiful jewelry Mr. Rensen.
I found it hard to choose but I finally chose the pendant with Rhinestone.
I'll definitely come back to the shop or studio.


Received on August 7, 2012

Again, thank you for the beautiful pendant! It is now my third hanger.
The golden lemniscate I ordered this time and very fast and well received despite the holiday season.


Retrieved on July 16, 2012

Today I received my pendant. it is really nice, everyone I know will be jealous, I think ...,
but I'm going to make advertising for you, sure,

Greetings Darline

Retrieved on July 10, 2012

With this I want you to know that the hanger (pentagram) has arrived today. I am very happy with it!
I want to thank you for the quick delivery

Fri. greetings M.

Retrieved on July 10, 2012

Today I received my Lemniscaat pendant.
Neatly and securely packed in a box and a delighted envelope.
I love it, I've been here so long sought, and now it hangs on my chain,
to never go off.

A huge thank you !! Sincerely, Bregtje

Received on July 4, 2012

Hello Mr. B. Rensen,

I just wanted to say that I have received my package with gold pendant today.
He is gorgeous and so beautifully finished. My compliment.
I'll definitely return. Too bad you live so far away.
Thanks for good care and quick action. And hope to see you soon.

Kind regards, Andrea

Received on July 4, 2012

Special gold pendants for men are hard to find.
By looking at pictures on the internet I came out with Bart.

Eventually the gold Ankh pendant (have ties with Egypt) selected.
Even the matching gold chain had an attractive price.
For safety reasons, the first hanger and then ordered the chain (you never know on the Internet)
but that turned out not needed. Bart delivered quickly and reliably.
I have a check let you do, everything was indeed massive 14k.
The hanging eyes, he reinforced at my request because of the wear during sports and work.

I'm happy with it. Ed.

Retrieved on July 2, 2012

Dear Bart,

One day delivery after ordering! Super fast and beautiful pendants. thank you very much.

M.vr. greeting, Roelien

Retrieved on June 30, 2012

Dear Bart,

What a beautiful rhinestone pendant. Thank you.
The shipping was very fast (within 24 hours at home)
and I was very surprised by your personal touch.
Really thank you!

Warm regards, Anja

Retrieved on June 26, 2012

Hi Bart,

Everyone liked the I Ching pendants very nice, fine and nicely finished. Thanks You.

Greetings, Chantal

Retrieved on June 18, 2012

Thank you very much for my Ouroboros-pendant.
It arrived this morning (in 4 days) and I am very happy with it.

Penzance, United Kingdom

Retrieved on June 18, 2012

Hi Bart,

Meanwhile I have the pendant with lapis Lazulli already a week at home and I wear it with pleasure,
it is a beautiful pendant with a beautiful stone, I'm very happy with it.
Thanks for the quick delivery and the symbols booklet, fun to read through all the meanings also.
See you next time.

Sincerely, Karen

Retrieved on June 17, 2012

Good Morning,

I received the gold Lemniscaat-hanger yesterday.
I wish you sincerely for, find it very beautiful and I am very happy with it.
Also, payment and shipping went very smoothly, ordered Thursday, Saturday at home.
Thank you again,


Received on June 5, 2012

Hi Bart,

Thank you very much for the fast delivery.
I am very happy with your beautiful Four Elements Pendant !!!
Thank you also to send just free booklet!

Sincerely, Lida

Retrieved on May 23, 2012

Hi Bart,

My order has arrived safely today. Thanks for the fast delivery.
Buddha looks really nice.

Greetings, Danielle

Received on 22 mel 2012

Dear Bart,

Last week we received the angels and my father had the opportunity
to give them personally to my mother and sisters.
On behalf of my father and myself, I want to thank you very much for the quick delivery.

We are very happy that you can arrange it so quickly for us.

Best regards, Lisette

Retrieved on May 12, 2012

Dear Bart Rensen,

I am sorry I did not contact you sooner.
The counterpart arived a while ago. I just love it!
Thank you again for this wonderfull art work!

Happy customer, Paul L, Minneapolis, United States

Retrieved on May 10, 2012

Dear Bart,

That my ordered gold ankh today would already come I had hoped but not expected.
What is he nice ....!
This is a gift for my 60th birthday by family, friends and loved one.
I will wear the ankh with lots of warm feelings.

Thank you for your good and fast service.

Regards, Adrian

Received on May 8, 2012

Hi Bart,

I have received the pendant in good order. Thank you very much, I'm happy with it!


Retrieved on April 18, 2012

Dear Bart,

I have ordered several times jewelry with you and am a very satisfied customer.
The jewelery is of a good quality, they are always delivered smoothly and
the contact is always extremely friendly!

Sincerely, Michel

Retrieved on April 13, 2012

Dear Bart

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