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Flower of Life pendant -sterling silver

2 reviews
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Size of the silver Flower of Life pendant is 40 x 40 mm (including pendant eye 48 x 40 mm).

Look at the bottom of the page for a suitable chain.


Flower of life helps to make a connection with the higher self-awareness.

Where mathematics, geometry and spirituality come together. The form "flower of life" is a mysterious form, which is known as the fruit of life, which consists of 13 spheres, which contain many mathematical and geometrical laws. These laws represent the universe. The "flower of life" is one of the most powerful sacred geometrical forms.

If you give the silver flower of life pendant to someone, it is as if you are giving the whole universe in a jewel.

The FOL or the Flower of Life has been found in many locations around the world. Oain Turkey, Israel, Greece, Ireland, England, China, Japan and recently in Lapland and Iceland. He was found for the first time at the middle Osiris temple at Abysos, Egypt, which must be almost 6,000 years old. The symbol is imaged there with incredible precision in the granite. The Flower of Life symbol contains in its relations every aspect of life that exists. It contains every physical law, every musical harmony, every biological life form, every atom and every dimensional level. In the Flower of Life you can find all the building blocks of both organic life and the Universe. These building blocks, or the Platonic Bodies, are 5 structures that we know as crystal forms, such as the cube, star-tetrahedron, octahedron, isocahedron and the dodecahedron. These serve as templates through which basic elements of life can be expressed. With each template you look through another window, to look at the coherence of body soul and mind in a new way. When we see that all life is intertwined in many ways, by connecting with the divine within ourselves we can also transform the world around us. Those who want to understand the Flower of Life pendant and the Merkaba can delve into the books The "Sacred Geometry of Creation" by Drunvalo Melchizedek

Reviews (2)
Elleke Mans 15-05-2022 13:31

Deze hanger is prachtig en is samen met de oorhangers een mooie set

Willem v. 28-05-2020 20:26

Heel vakkundig gemaakt en heel zorgvuldig verstuurd.
Ik werk dagelijks met de Flower of Life.

5 stars based on 2 reviews
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