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Sri Yantra pendant - sterlingl silver

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The size of the Sri Yantra pendant is 27 x 27 mm (including pendant eye 38 x 27 mm).

Look below for a matching necklace.

- The Shri Yantra represents the cosmic plan.
- The Shri Yantra reflects the human organism.
- The Shri Yantra symbolizes the goddess Tripurasundari (The goddess represents energy, permeating the entire universe).

The symbol is composed with nine overlapping triangles.

Four of his triangles from the Sri Yantra pendant points couple above and five triangles down.

The four upward-facing triangles are Shiva triangles and represent:
the male energy in the form of Chitta (his)
Buddhi (intellect)
Ahamkar (consciousness)
Manas (the ratio)

And the five downward triangles are Parvati triangles and represent:
the five Tanmantras (sound, movement, speech, taste, hearing)
the five Mahabhutas (akasha, air, fire, water, earth)
the five sensory organs (ears, eyes, nose, mouth, walking)
the five organs of the action (hands, feet, mouth, genitals, and anus).
the five elements of mucous membrane, nerves, muscles, fat and bones.

The combination of these nine triangles makes the Sri Yantra the most dynamic of all Yantras. When we build a similar figure from eight intersecting triangles, from four to the top and four to the bottom, we get an extraordinary static shape. The Sri Yantra is an asymmetrical figure although it looks symmetrical.
If the four Shiva and five Parvati triangles cross and partly overlap, you will get forty-three recognizable triangles. Here the male and female forces penetrate and cross the cosmos.

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