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Ankh Hermes pendant - sterling silver

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The size of the Ankh Hermes pendant is 32 x 18 mm (including pendant eye 39 x 18 mm).

Look for related chains for a suitable chain.


The Ankh Hermes pendant consists of the combination of the Egyptian Ankh, symbol of eternal life, combined with the Hermes staff.

Wearing the Egyptian Ankh cross has a strong harmonizing effect. The form alone is creating balance.
In the cross, the horizontal line of matter and the vertical line of the spirit meet in the middle, the incarnation point. This point connects spirit and matter at the moment of being born. The loop above the cross creates harmony and balance in this duality and brings about a fusion.

The Hermes staff or the Staff of Mercury is the attribute of Hermes / Mercury, the messenger of the Greek / Roman gods.

In ancient times Hermes was a divine messenger, a guide to man, healer and protector of merchants. The two snakes represent the duality principle, such as feminine and masculine, life and death, good and evil. They complement each other, but are also opposed to each other. We also know the Staff of Mercury in its derivative form of Esculaap, symbol of medicine.

Christian 30-09-2016 14:46

Zeer gedetailleerde gave hanger. Mooie uitgewerkte vorm en perfect formaat. Door kleine details echter niet geheel puntgaaf, maar dat is minitieus en nagenoeg onzichtbaar.

Silvia 21-01-2016 12:17

Een mooie gedetailleerde hanger,echte vakmanschap.

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