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Tree of life pendant - sterling silver

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The size of the Tree of Life pendant is 24 x 24 mm (incl. pendant eye 24 x 33 mm).

Look below for a matching necklace.

The tree symbolism of the Tree of Life pendant is rooted in religious tradition and in popular culture. Worldwide, trees have thus acquired a special, sacred or ritual significance.

Trees symbolize the life from birth to death through their steady growth, from beginning to end, from earth to heaven.
With their shape, the above-ground branches and the underground roots, they cover the entire universe in Norse mythology. The ash Yggdrasil is connected to the world of the gods, the world of people and the underworld. Such a tree is called a tree of life.

The tree is in the first instance a perfect symbol for life itself. With his roots in the earth he has contact with the underworld. With his branches he reaches to heaven. He is a mediator between gods and people.

Furthermore, the tree of life symbolizes eternal life: springing up in spring, lush growth in summer, fruit and fall in autumn and peace in winter.

In the Christian tradition the tree of life symbolizes immortality, the fruits of a tree of life give life.

In some African myths, man is born from a tree.

In the esoteric Kabbalah of the Jews the Sephirot are key symbols. They embody the attributes of the divine. They are fruits that hang in a certain order in the tree of life. The connections between them symbolize the phases of the soul journey to eternity.

Buddha was illuminated under a bodhi tree, the classic symbol of the world axis.

For the Shiite Muslims, the tree that rises above the seven heavens is the symbol of the hakikat, a happy state in which man becomes one with the highest reality.

In Hinduism, God is the source of life, the root of the tree, while tribe and branches symbolize the oldest communities that are close to the spiritual. The leaves are a symbol of humanity.

The tree of life pendant also stands for the Family Tree, the family tree of a family.

Reviews (11)
Alette S. 27-02-2021 11:08

Zeer mooi. Goede kwaliteit en prachtig gedetailleerd. Ik ben er erg blij mee.

Laura P. 16-09-2020 10:32

Schitterend en fijn gemaakt

Paulien d. 14-06-2020 19:56

Krachtig en heel mooi!

Ilse v. 07-06-2020 13:56

2 Super mooie zilveren levensboom hangers met kettingen gekocht. 1 voor mijzelf voor mijn verjaardag en 1 voor mijn lieve vriendin, voor haar verjaardag. Heel mooi! Ben er blij mee!

Joan D. 27-08-2019 10:18

Mooie ketting. Snelle levering!

Shirrinka G. 18-02-2018 19:41

Mooi en fijn sieraad.

Christiane D. 27-01-2018 21:00

Het viel me wat tegen ....Het ziet er op de site zwaarder en stoerder uit dan in het echt ....

Antwoord: Gelukkig wordt je mening door weinig afnemers gedeeld en de foto's komen mijns inziens goed overeen met de werkelijkheid.

Marga B. 27-01-2018 17:49

Prachtige hanger!
Ben er erg blij mee

Eva 03-03-2016 10:28

Heel mooie details en snelle verzending. De verhouding/maat is sierlijk en precies goed. Ik ben er heel tevreden mee!

Claudia 29-01-2016 17:54

De hanger is heel erg mooi.
Ik heb de hanger kado gegeven aan mijn dochter en zij is er erg blij mee.

J. R. 22-01-2016 17:38

Mooi gedetailleerd vormgegeven. Veel complimenten gekregen.
Daarnaast zeer snelle verzending, na telefonisch contact nog snel met de post mee. Waarvoor dank!

4,8 stars based on 11 reviews
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